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This team made my first time home buying experience so easy!

Would definitely recommend. Now the hard part... packing!

Jason G

I was looking at homes out near Kinnear, and messaged Cornerstone to schedule a tour.

Alex helped me figure out what I needed, and set me right up to go see it. She was fast at getting information to me. I liked that they let you text their office number! Made it too easy.


I had to find a shop and these guys took the pressure off the search.

11/10, will use again.


We had seen a house we liked while passing through Wheatland, so while I was walking the mall I asked them about it.

They found another agent in the area we saw the house to help, and Matt found the exact house we were looking for! I am so happy I decided to come by, and the lady they sent me to has been so nice!


I like these guys a lot.

Always answer my questions and I ask a lot. Always the nicest people who won't tell you what you want to hear, they save time and have always been forthright with me. My wife and I appreciate the whole team.

Joey S.

We were worried about being able to find a home with the ways things have been.

Cornerstone helped in every way, and it was so nice having someone in my corner while we figured things out.

Lily M.

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